Where have I been?

Long time, no see! We last left our heroine at the pinnacle of her slug-slaying career*, having earned a doctorate in slugs and wondering just what the heck to do next.  The answer became obvious: journalism, a profession positively teeming with slugs!  I spent seven delightful years in television news but sadly did not get to slay a single co-worker.

Over the past five years, I've changed jobs into scientific editing, and now I get to read about the exploits of other slug killers and have extremely awkward conversations with Nobel Prize winners.  I've also moved house twice, married a wonderful guy, and co-produced my greatest creation yet:

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Chasing this one around has naturally cut into my writing time, which is a big reason for the radio silence on my end.  Now that she's old enough to watch TV, I can park her there for 6-8 hours at a time while I get some fic written.  Kidding!  Mostly.

I have missed fiction writing something fierce and am delighted to be back at my computer, even when the characters refuse to cooperate.  My thanks to all of you for your kind words over the years.  They warm my cold, slug-killing heart.

* True story: At a season 8 XF viewing party, I managed to embarass myself during the original showing of Without, when Doggett remarked: "An old lady gets shot point-blank in a Chinese restaurant, plucks the slug out of her egg foo yun."

There was a pause, and I said, "Oh! He means that kind of slug," and the entire room laughed at me for a good five minutes.

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